Home Inspections

Why Inspect?

A home is a substantial investment, you should be aware of any existing problems or problems that may arise during your ownership of the property. Many times problems that exist in a home are not readily apparent even after several visits to a property during your real estate showings. By having a building inspection you can help to find some of the more difficult problems and potential issues that could be significant and costly to repair.

I will inspect

My inspection will consist of all the major building components

Exterior Interior Other
Gutters Interior finishes Structure
Siding Doors Construction materials
Decks and porches Windows Plumbing systems
Grading and drainage Built-in appliances Hot water
Roofing Fireplaces Central air conditioning
Flashings   Electrical systems
Exterior finishes   Basements
Garage   Crawlspaces
Attic insulation   Foundation
Attic ventilation    


Homes up to 2500 sqft : $350.00 Homes over 2500 sqft : $375.00