Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is virtually indispensable when it comes to home inspection. It can be used as another tool that the inspector has to find hidden issues and defects in a home that may not be visible to the human eye. Thermal Imaging is an excellent method of finding hidden moisture issues that can’t be seen with just a visual inspection. Imaging has the ability to find defects before they become major repair issues as well as assist your client in making an informed decision about the condition of a home before their closing date.

Her are a couple for images to illustrate the ability of thermal imaging to show what can’t be seen with the naked eye in a home. This technology can be used to help locate many issue such as moisture problems like roof leaks, electrical overheating on outlets, Leaks in radiant floor heating systems, etc.

The dark area in the bottom corner of the room indicate a poorly insulated box sill in the crawl space of this home which can be easily corrected to save on energy loss. It also shows heat coming off an electrical surge strip that is heavily utilized.

Living Room

Living Room - FLIR